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February 02, 2021

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Zocdoc is a New York City-based online medical appointment booking service that allows people to find and book medical care. The service is free for patients, and doctors pay to advertise their appointment slots. You conveniently scan in your insurance or Dental ID card so it is with you

How Zocdoc Search Works

Zocdoc is a technology company that offers a digital marketplace which connects patients and doctors. Each month, millions of patients search Zocdoc’s marketplace, free-of-charge, to discover a wide selection of healthcare providers that are relevant to the criteria they input. From there, patients can independently decide to select a provider based on their unique needs and schedule an appointment if they so desire.

Zocdoc is not a healthcare provider – w­­­­­­e do not recommend or refer patients to an individual or particular provider. We also do not judge or rank providers according to quality. Rather, our marketplace product is patient-initiated and patient-directed. It is designed to empower patients to independently make their own healthcare decisions – including determining which providers best fit their needs and whether or not they choose to book an appointment.

Healthcare providers pay to be included in Zocdoc’s marketplace. Across the country, tens of thousands of independent practices and more than 60 leading hospitals and health systems participate in Zocdoc’s marketplace, which enables them to serve patients seeking care.

Many Medical and Dental Insurance Providers are on ZOCDOC. 

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AMSBenefits/AMSINSURE.com does not indorse, recommend or warrant Zocdoc, its providers or insurance companies. Many well known Insurance Companies are listed along with the providers.  Assisting our clients to make life easier.